Mozello Ecommerce Review: Basics Done Well If You Can Put Up With The Support

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Last Updated on September 20, 2019

Mozello is a site builder offering e-commerce functionality and hosting for bloggers. Individuals with little technical knowledge looking for a quick start to blogging or online store creation may find their services useful.

Mozello was created by Mozello SIA, a European software company specializing in desktop software and web services. The purpose behind the Mozello is website creation and hosting for individuals who want to easy set-up.

Their hosting infrastructure allows them to offer budget cloud hosting options. Mozello offers high availability for your sites. This means your websites are hosted simultaneously on multiple servers at different datacenters. If a problem occurs at one location, your website will continue to stay online.


Easy Website Creation

Mozello’s main selling feature is their website creation tool and content management platform. Their website creator (also known as a site builder) lets you build websites quickly and easily. It was the first builder to operate on mobile devices, so you can edit your website from your smartphone or tablet. All websites built with their creation tool are responsive.

mozello review for bloggers

It only takes a few steps to set up a website:

  1. After signing up for an account, you can title your website and select a template design. There are many template options to choose from, including designs for blogs, portfolio pages, and e-commerce sites.
  2. Once you pick a design, you can edit the text, change colors, and upload images to make the website your own.
  3. You can also build your web pages from scratch if you don’t want to start with a template to customize.
Mozello has a wide array of themes, but most are not blog-centric.

Mozello Page Designs For Blogs And E-commerce Stores

Mozello works as a content management system (CMS) for your blog. From your account, you can design different website pages and add content. You can choose from various layouts for your homepage including optional hero images, columns, and page sections. You can also create web pages with picture galleries, forms, or a catalog of store items.

Mozello’s dashboard is easy to understand.

You can add blog posts straight from your Mozello account. You can integrate images, videos, buttons, symbols, tables, or custom code into your posts. You can disable or enable blog comments and social sharing buttons for each post. Here you can save your posts to publish later or post them immediately.

Your blog posts appear on a page with an optional sidebar with links to recent posts and other additional information. Mozello’s website builder also provides an e-commerce page where you can add store items. These items are clickable, which open up to an item description and an add-to-cart button.

Mozello’s blog post page is simple and streamlined.

Mozello E-commerce Features

With Mozello, you can get an online store set up in as little as 20 minutes. You can create your store for free and just pay for a hosting and domain name package. Mozello does not take any commission from your sales.

Adding a store to your Mozello blog is as easy as adding a new page.

Their e-commerce features allow you to accept online payments. To add payment processing to your website, you have to sign up with your desired payment processing company.

Your options here are limited to the e-commerce plan you select:

  • Basic subscribers only have the option of PayPal.
  • Their higher-level plan offers many other payment companies including Stripe, Braintree, PaySera, Swipe, and API Solution.

Some of these companies may charge additional fees.mozello review for bloggers

Three Hosting Options

Mozello offers basic hosting plans for any type of website you’re setting up. Their plans are designed to host websites built with their website builder. For this reason, people looking for WordPress hosting or hosting optimized for other CMS platforms should look elsewhere. Mozello’s hosting provide a one-stop platform for site creation and hosting together. They do not give you information about developer tools, bandwidth, or database access.

Since Mozello is designed to simplify hosting, their plans only provide details that beginners would need to know.

The hosting plans are offered at 3 different price points:

  1. The first plan is completely free. This includes access to their site builder, mobile device support, and a small amount of storage. For people creating an online store with the free plan, you will only be able to add 10 items to your catalog. Additionally, this plan only supports PayPal for payment processing. Your domain name will include the Mozello extension ( and your website will show a Mozello link on it.
  2. The second hosting option is offered at a fair price. You will be charged less if you choose to pay annually than if you want to pay quarterly. This plan includes free domain registration of your own domain name. You also get more storage than the free plan offers. In addition, your e-commerce store can hold 30 items.
  3. Their highest-level plan will give e-commerce stores the most inclusive features. In addition to a free domain name, you get unlimited storage and an unlimited number of store items. This would be ideal for anyone starting a larger e-commerce store expecting to offer many items.
    mozello review for bloggers
    The Mozello website offers thousands of examples of sites built with Mozello.

You can also use domain names that you have purchased elsewhere, but you’ll need to point your domain name to Mozello servers. You’ll find instructions on how to do this on Mozello’s support page.

Basic Security For Secure Check-Out

A secure HTTPS connection is automatically used on checkout and payment pages for your online store created with Mozello. Users are redirected to these secure pages upon checkout. This ensures that all transactions are secure.

You can add secure HTTPS connections to the rest of your website free of charge. You can do this by contacting Mozello’s support team, in partnership with Cloudflare. You aren’t required to purchase an SSL certificate or configure security settings manually.

Analytics, But No Email

With all hosting plans, Mozello gives you Google Analytics support so you can monitor your website traffic and visitor statistics. You will have to create your own Google Analytics account and copy the tracking ID to your Mozello account. You also get access to the HTML code for your website, in case you want to tweak that.

You cannot get email services with Mozello. If you want an email address with your domain, you will have to go to sign up with other email services such as or Gmail and then configure your domain name by contacting Mozello tech support.

Adding a Google Analytics tracking code to Mozello is easy.

Billing, Cancellation, and Support

Mozello accepts payment by credit card and PayPal. If you are in Europe, they also accept wire transfer. You will not be able to switch from a paid service plan to a free one, but you can upgrade to higher plans by contacting customer service.

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You can cancel your subscription at any time from your website editor settings. Doing this will stop you from being able to access your website. You will not be refunded for anything you have previously paid.

Mozello can be contacted by email; they do not provide any indication of how quickly they will get back to you. They cannot be reached by phone.

Mozello Overview

Mozello is a basic e-commerce hosting platform and website designer catered to individuals on a budget. Their services allow you to set up a website, host it, and post content all from one place. It’s ideal for people looking to start a small blog or e-commerce store in the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way possible.

mozello review for bloggers

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