LemonStand review for bloggers

LemonStand is Closing Soon, Compare Your Alternatives

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Last Updated on August 5, 2019

Canadian e-commerce company LemonStand has announced the termination of its product and services on March 5th, 2019. The website currently contains information on refunds and website migrations which existing customers will find useful.

If you are a Lemonstand customer and want to know more, here are some of the specifics:

  • All services will cease to exist on June 5th, 2019
  • All customers’ billing periods were stopped on March 5th, 2019
  • LemonStand’s support team will remain fully active for 90 days, counting from March 5th, 2019
  • Annual customers with pre-paid plans should have received a refund of their plans’ remaining term by now (if not, contact LemonStand’s support)

Alternative E-Commerce Platforms to Replace LemonStand

Not to worry – we have a handful of other great e-commerce platforms for you to look at if you need a replacement product.

Our top three picks are:

  • WooCommerce – easy-to-use WordPress plugin
  • Shopify – pre-built, ready-to-go online stores at your disposal
  • BigCommerce – reliable, scalable and full of useful functionalities

These companies are some of the most popular options and are well established, though smaller e-commerce platforms can also prove to be a better choice for your online store venture.

Visit our e-commerce software page to see our entire roaster of reviewed solutions.

LemonStand Review

LemonStand was built to allow web developers, agencies, and growing businesses to create fully-customizable online stores. They specialize in providing support for growing brands who need easy scalability to keep up with their growth. This enterprise-grade platform gives people complete power over their e-commerce store.

LemonStand review for bloggers

What’s in it for bloggers? LemonStand offers professional modern templates with incorporated blogs. Many of our site visitors use WordPress for blogging so you may be wondering about LemonStand-WordPress integration. Years ago LemonStand offered a WordPress plugin which is no longer featured on their site. Their API can allow for all sorts of integrations and extensions. And there’s a “zap” (in Zapier) that will create a new WordPress blog post whenever you add a new product to your LemonStand store. As it now stands though LemonStand is focused on its own impressive system, site templates and world-class selling technologies.

All Features Included in All Plans

All of LemonStand’s plans are available on a month to month basis so you won’t be locked in. This means you can cancel at any time. However, they offer discounts for yearly subscriptions. Their plans do not include the registration and set-up of a domain name, so you will have to purchase one elsewhere and point it to your LemonStand store.

lemonstand review for bloggers

LemonStand gives you three basic plans to choose from. All plans include every one of their features so that you don’t miss out on valuable tools just because you are making fewer sales. Some key features include:

  • Unlimited file storage and bandwidth
  • Fully-customizable design
  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited products
  • Site-wide HTTPS for security
  • Integrated blog.

The difference between the plans lies in order limits and the type of email support you have access to. Their highest-level plan will give you a shorter email response time from their customer support team, as well as a higher order limit. They make it easy to move up in plans if your order quantity grows.

LemonStand review for bloggers
WhiskeyLoot is one of many businesses using LemonStand. Browse the LemonStand site for other examples.

LemonStand also offers one additional plan geared towards high-volume retailers. This plan comes with a dedicated e-commerce support coach and higher limits for monthly sales.

LemonStand gives you access to their platform for a 14-day trial without the commitment of entering your credit card. You won’t be able to accept real orders during this trial but you can make test purchases from the admin.

Fully Customizable Online Stores

LemonStand gives you full flexibility over the appearance and function of your store. When you start, you will have the option to pick one of their mobile responsive themes or code your own website. Their themes are fully customizable so you can create your own store without programming skills.

LemonStand review for bloggers
LemonStand themes – pre-built website designs – give you a significant head start. With no experience you can launch a visually impressive, smoothly functioning online business.

LemonStand Includes Hosting

The stores you create with LemonStand are hosted on enterprise-grade infrastructure. They provide hosting that is fully redundant and secure. This hosting includes daily monitoring, off-site backups, and a global CDN which stores your site’s files in servers existing at 54 locations across the world. This means your website will load quickly for people no matter where they are. LemonStand’s CDN is available to all plans at no extra charge.

Features for Conversion Optimization

Your customers stay on your LemonStand-built website during check-out instead of being redirected to another domain. This reduces cart abandonment and encourages your customers to follow through with their purchases.

Fast-track it: Want to delegate getting your LemonStand store up and running? Contact their custom services department to get started.

Other conversion rate optimization features include A/B testing, dynamic content, and related products. The related products feature recommends products to your customers based on other items that they have viewed or purchased previously. You can suggest products to go with items they’re viewing or upsell additional products upon checkout.

A/B testing keeps you from making guesses on what design features will convert best. LemonStand allows you to test changes to your store with A/B testing software. Dynamic content can also add conversion optimization to your site. You can enable trigger messages when customers take certain actions. For example, you can trigger a message to pop-up when someone has added something to their cart in order to encourage them to keep shopping.

Offer discounts to specific groups of people via LemonStand’s “customer groups” feature. This lets you target specific demographics with coupon codes or marketing emails.

Support for Digital Products and Subscriptions

LemonStand fully supports the sale of digital products. This means you can sell digital downloads, ebooks, photos, art, music, games, or graphic designs on your store. You can also sell physical items in the same store as your digital items. For example, you may want to sell eBooks and physical books alongside each other.

Browse the LemonStand site and you’ll see – after a few minutes – a pop-up offering a free e-commerce e-book. We also recommend scouring their e-commerce resource blogs for solid tips for your venture.

Digital selling lets photographers sell their photos without having to submit them to stock websites where they are buried under other photos. With LemonStand, you can sell your own photos by allowing people to view, purchase, and download them. Unlike app stores or iTunes, LemonStand doesn’t charge any transaction fees.

LemonStand makes it easy to offer subscription boxes. You can create multiple subscription plans for your customers, including tiered pricing options and various billing intervals.

LemonStand review for bloggers
Plug’n’Play: LemonStand allows you to easily integrate your store with hundreds of top industry tools including marketing, email, analytics, customer service, shipping, payment, and accounting tools.

Payment Gateways and Secure Check-Out

Your e-commerce store will come with many different payment options. These include PayPal, credit cards, and even Bitcoin. You can allow your customers to choose how they want to pay. LemonStand has over 95 payment gateways in 100 countries so you can sell to people all over the world.

Their payment card forms are all PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, keeping them highly secure. In addition, all pages of your website will be protected and stamped with an SSL security seal. This will protect the data of your customers when they enter payment information on your site.

Shipping Integration

For shipping, LemonStand can integrate your account with ShipStation. This will connect your store to major shipping companies like FedEx and DHL. This shipping process is automated and your shipping rates will be calculated in real time for each carrier.

Keep Track of Your Success with Analytics

LemonStand provides their own custom tracking system for viewing analytics about your sales and website traffic. In the admin panel you can view your conversion rates, cart abandonment, and revenue information. These insights help you determine ways to better market your products based on where you are making sales and where you are losing them. For example, LemonStand shows you which products are doing the best. Their analytics give you a breakdown of your revenue over hours, days, or months, allowing you to watch how your business is growing.

Email Marketing Support

LemonStand gives you tools to create emails for email marketing. With this feature, you can send your customers receipts, order confirmations, shipping statuses, product updates or cart abandonment follow-ups. You can customize the design your emails to look professional and fit with the branding of your store.

Check out LemonStand »

CMS and Integrated Blogging

LemonStand’s CMS system provides tools for creating blogs and articles to post on your store. On the CMS, you can edit web pages, create announcements, and customize your blog. Like WordPress, LemonStand lets you insert images into your blog posts as well as other widgets. The platform allows for the optimization of your blog posts for search engines by customizing URL slugs, keywords, meta descriptions, and titles. You can also create inline links in your content to your store products to generate more sales.

LemonStand Overview

LemonStand was developed to give businesses more control over their e-commerce stores. Their basic plans are affordable for people just starting out. And, beginners don’t miss out on their valuable tools and features which are available to all plan levels. LemonStand will provide what you need to grow your online store, no matter what type of product or service you are selling.

LemonStand review for bloggers

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