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E-junkie Review: Super-Easy E-Commerce for Busy Bloggers

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Last Updated on April 24, 2020

E-junkie provides shopping carts geared for anyone selling digital and tangible products on a smaller scale. It serves photographers, developers, graphic designers, crafters, and bloggers who want a shopping cart for their own website or blog, without the need to invest in a full-fledged e-commerce platform.

E-junkie started out as a basic script designed to automate the sale of a simple program in 2003. But, as more and more people started using the script, E-junkie turned into a small site and then to a distributed application running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) server cloud.

Originally a one-person show, the company is now run by a team located in Tucson, Arizona, and New Delhi, India, and serves thousands of customers.

e-junkie reivew

E-junkie Features

E-junkie is focused on providing checkout features and integration with various payment processors as a simple shopping cart that you can integrate with your existing website, eBay, or Facebook store.

After you create an account with E-junkie, you can begin adding products. You can enable the collection of sales tax and VAT and allow users to set the quantity they want to purchase. Items you add can be set to expire after a certain period of time and you can bundle several products together.

E-junkie will give you a code that you can copy and paste on your site or on your Facebook store. Alternatively, you can list your product on E-junkie’s shop if you don’t have a website of your own. The cart will appear as an overlay on your site, and it’s responsive so it will look good no matter the screen size.

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When someone buys your digital item, they will be sent the download link immediately and you can also create custom thank you pages and emails to be sent for a more personalized touch.

Other features include the ability to create coupon codes, sale pricing, the ability to accept donations or give away your items for free, create redeemable codes, and sell products where the buyer decides the final price.

You can create a stamp for your digital files containing information such as the buyer’s name, email, and unique transaction ID. This serves as a copyright protection, discouraging users from sharing their digital files.

Finally, the platform allows you to generate codes and licenses which can be used for software trials. If a buyer doesn’t enter a valid license by the end of their trial period,
E-junkie will lock down their access to the file until they provide a license key.

Payment Integrations

E-junkie’s payment integrations include:

  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • TrialPay
  • PayPal Payments Advanced/Pro
  • PayPal Payflow Pro/Link
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • Braintree
  • Stripe

You can also use Buy Now buttons that go to instant checkout through PayPal Payments Standard, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Clickbank, or Stripe. If you opt for Stripe, you’ll have the option to configure it to accept Bitcoin and ACH transactions.

Selling Physical Goods

With E-junkie, it is possible to sell physical products as well. It offers basic inventory management features, allowing you to track product stock and offer custom shipping charges based on size and weight. The shopping cart can be customized to offer product options such as size or color and there is a handy calculator allowing buyers to figure out the shipping cost, sales tax, or VAT.

Marketing Options

When it comes to marketing options, E-junkie allows you to send promotional newsletters to your customers with updates about existing and new products. You can also send a regular newsletter, customize the email template and select buyer lists that should receive the newsletter.

It’s worth mentioning that sending a newsletter is charged extra, with a minimum total fee of $1 to send the update. Final cost is determined by the size of your file, the number of files, and the number of people who will receive the newsletter plus base costs.

Another way to market your products is through an affiliate program. You can create affiliate links for your visitors and buyers that they can use to promote your products.

Third-Party Integrations

E-junkie comes with Google Analytics integration enabled, meaning you can track your visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, clickthroughs, conversion rates, and more. Additionally, you can use a code snippet to integrate your shopping cart with platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or drop-shipping companies as well as accounting software, email providers, digital membership platforms, and more.

Pricing and Support

E-junkie offers unlimited bandwidth on all its plans and a 7-day trial period after which you can select a plan that’s most suitable for you or cancel your service. There are no setup or transaction fees and no limits on a number of checkouts and downloads.

It offers four different plans which are differentiated by the amount of products you can sell and the allowed storage space as well as a number of free checkouts, which are defined as checkouts where the total amount is $0.00.

The first two plans allow you to upload files to E-junkie or host them yourself, while the last two plans give you access to the company’s remote server, which means files hosted on the remote server do not count against your storage space.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point in time and payments are on a month-to-month billing cycle. Nonprofit organizations can qualify for free or discounted payments.

When it comes to support, E-junkie can be reached through email or the contact form provided on its site. They also offer exhaustive documentation and a blog with in-depth guides and tips.


While E-junkie is a good choice for any blogger who wants to start selling digital products, you might find their feature set offered is not substantial enough. However, there are other platforms designed to help you sell digital products that offer similar features. Here are some E-junkie alternatives to consider.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you own a WordPress website and want to sell digital products, consider the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. It provides you with a complete system for selling digital products and offers the ability to collect payments through PayPal in the core free plugin. You can enable other payment processors through numerous free and paid add-ons as well as create recurring payments, restrict products, integrate with email service providers, and more.


If your site is not hosted on WordPress, then SendOwl might be the solution for you. Even though it’s pricier than E-junkie, it comes with advanced features such as upsells, drip functionality, — which comes in handy if you sell courses — cart abandonment rescue features, built-in analytics, and much more. Similar to E-junkie, SendOwl lets you sell physical products, but it goes one step beyond and allows you to sell services as well.

Check out the E-Junkie e-commerce solution »

What’s the Verdict?

E-junkie’s shopping cart offers just the right amount of features for those who want to sell digital products on their existing sites without installing additional plugins or moving to an e-commerce platform.

e-junkie review for bloggers

It’s a great choice for those who want to sell their products on their Facebook pages or through email marketing as well as those who sell a low volume of simple physical products such as t-shirts.

However, if you sell a high volume of physical products or need more advanced features, you might want to consider an alternative.

Brenda Barron is a writer from southern California. When not writing about blogging and business, she’s spending time with her family and knitting.