CoreCommerce review for bloggers

CoreCommerce Review: E-Commerce for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

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Last Updated on August 2, 2019

CoreCommerce is an e-commerce platform for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. The company has been providing selling environments to online businesses since 2001, proving their experience and reliability in this industry. Their platform is perfect for businesses who want a fully customizable e-commerce experience.

CoreCommerce review for bloggers

CoreCommerce completely takes care of the switch for people looking to transfer an online store to their platform. They do this with full support by their team and zero downtime for your store. They can also keep your product reviews intact during the switch.

Build Your Own E-commerce Website

CoreCommerce helps you start your e-commerce store with a professionally designed website. This is included with all of their plans. They give you access to hundreds of free themes to choose from. Not all of their themes are responsive, but they offer some newer ones that are designed to perform well on mobile devices and tablets. They also offer custom theme building for your site which will cost additional fees.

CoreCommerce review for bloggers

Their tools allow you to customize the theme of your store. For example, you can add a logo or edit the navigation for your site. Their customizer also gives you access to widgets such as forms, buttons, and page sections.

For users with more advanced technical skills, CoreCommerce supports editing of the HTML and CSS of their themes so you can design them exactly how you want them to look.

E-commerce Features For Any Type of Business

CoreCommerce provides many features you can add to your online store. You can organize your content feeds by categories such as recently viewed, top sellers, related products, or new arrivals. You can also categorize your customers so that you can target them with specialized promotions and discounts.

The platform comes with built-in marketing tools. These include mailing lists, newsletter templates, and store blogging platforms. This helps you create content to engage with consumers, improve SEO, and drive sales. The platform integrates with third-party software such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, and GetResponse.

CoreCommerce review for bloggers
CoreCommerce users have access to over 16 free store themes.

CoreCommerce also provides email templates so you can encourage people to leave reviews or return to do more shopping. Additional tools include gift registries, wish lists, product reminders, and abandoned shopping cart emails to reclaim customers who have left your site before making a purchase.

For managing your products, CoreCommerce allows you to batch import products from other platforms. They also provide inventory tracking tools, self-generating supply orders, and allow vendor log-in so vendors can manage their products in your store.

In addition, the CoreCommerce platform can easily be integrated with Google Analytics, allowing you to track your website traffic and other statistics. On the CoreCommerce dashboard, you can view a variety of reports regarding your sales, coupon usage, keywords, and inventory levels.

Tiered Pricing Plans Based On Your Business Size

All of CoreCommerce’s plans come with access to their range of features. Their different plans are catered to individuals, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. Your plan and price are determined by your business size.

Pricing models are assigned to your businesses based on your gross merchandise sales. CoreCommerce will scale up your plan when you begin to make more money and scale it down if you start making less money. This results in the fixed price of your plan equaling a certain percentage of your revenue. For new clients, CoreCommerce takes your highest sales month in the last year and multiplies it by 12 to arrive at your gross sales. This will determine what plan your business needs.

CoreCommerce review for bloggers

Their cheapest plan offers adequate storage and bandwidth for people running a personal e-commerce store. However, it only allows you to sell 3 products. This plan will be suited for you if you’re running a blog and you have a few items of merchandise to sell with it. Or, if you’re a small e-commerce store with a very specific inventory that allows you to only offer three products. This plan also comes with 2 email accounts.

For all other plans, CoreCommerce gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. This keeps you safe from overage fees for when you have a spike in site traffic. Their other plans will also allow you to store an unlimited number of store items.

CoreCommerce has semi-dedicated servers and content delivery networks (CDNs) available for additional charges. These hosting features will allow your sites to run smoother and at the optimal speed for people all over the world.

CoreCommerce is Reliable and Secure

CoreCommerce is hosted on servers with 99.99% uptime. They also give you PCI-DDS Level 1 compliance to keep your customers’ credit card data secure.

Custom SSL certificates are free with their enterprise-level plans. Lower-level plans will get you discounts on these certificates, except for their two cheapest options where you will have to pay the full price. They don’t charge for SSL certificate installation. SSL certificates are necessary for e-commerce sites as they stamp your site with a security seal and assure visitors that their payment data will be protected.

Global E-commerce Support and Payment Processing

CoreCommerce provides free, built-in English, Spanish, and Portuguese translations for your website. The store also provides support for additional language translations so you can sell your products to people all over the world. In addition, CoreCommerce allows you to use any currency and provides regular exchange rate updates every hour. They support the integration of international shipping and fulfillment as well.

CoreCommerce gives you payment processing at additional charges. They offer the use of all payment types including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. You can pick a third-party shipping provider and CoreCommerce will integrate it into your online store.

Customer Support and Help Pages

CoreCommerce offers a 15-day free trial that you can try out without entering any payment information. This trial lets you check out their software functionality and ensure that it meets the needs of your business. When you decide to launch your store or your trial ends, you can pick a payment plan from your dashboard. With any plan, you get a free onboarding session with a coach that will help you launch your online store effortlessly.

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The CoreCommerce team offers tech support 24/7. You can contact them by phone during regular office hours, or live chat on their website at any time of day. They also respond to email questions and ticket submissions form your account. They will respond as soon as possible to emergency emails and tickets that are marked as urgent. Their website also has a support center with video tutorials and numerous helpful guides.


CoreCommerce will be a good option for a variety of online businesses. Their plans allow you to start an e-commerce site easily for a low price and then scale up as your business starts making more money. With multiple marketing tools such as integrated blog functionality and email templates, you can keep consumers engaged and drives sales with a content strategy. Their additional analytics reports allow you to keep track of statistics so you can optimize the performance of your store.

CoreCommerce review for bloggers

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