Top 6 Crypto Bloggers Give Their Tips For How To Make It Online

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Last Updated on December 17, 2019

In the 9 years since Bitcoin was launched cryptocurrencies have become a social lightning rod, generating fascination, euphoria, fear and even hope for a political utopia.

They’ve also generated wealth.

If you had purchased 150 Bitcoins in 2012 at $7 each, you’d be a millionaire now — even with the retreat of Bitcoin from its one-time high in 2017 of $19,000 per coin.

The steep trajectory of Bitcoin — and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum — has attracted the attention of new and experienced investors.

Would-be buyers wonder whether they should get in on the action now. But who understands cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

Experienced investors want to understand the blockchain better and how it may affect industries they’re already invested in, like shipping, advertising, real estate, and IoT (internet of things).

That’s where the top cryptocurrency bloggers come in: they excel in making the complicated concepts related to crypto simple to understand.

Who are the Top Cryptocurrency Bloggers?

We talked to these top cryptocurrency bloggers to find out how they got their start, what keeps them motivated, and what they wish they’d known when they first began.

Here are the experts we interviewed:

Antony Lewis of Bits on Blocks

Antony Lewis led a team of FX (Forex) trading software developers at Credit Suisse before taking a director position with itBit antony-lewis-bits-on-blocks(now Paxos) a venture capital-funded Bitcoin exchange.

“In 2015 I left itBit to spend more time studying and researching blockchains independently,” says Lewis, “and in 2016 I joined R3 as Director of Research in the Lab & Research Center in Singapore.”

For the past two years, Lewis has been named in the FinTech Asia 100 list as a top thought leader and influencer.


Aziz Zainuddin of Master the Crypto

Zainuddin was previously an investment analyst for CG Capital Markets, LLC in Malaysia where he conducted in-depth market research on real estate, agriculture, and applications of blockchain technology.

Aziz ZainuddinSingapore was his next stop where he became a financial analyst for Watstock, a trading platform that uses a proprietary neural network developed in collaboration with IBM Watson to make market predictions.

Zainuddin then became the blockchain lead for two Watstock initiatives focused on prediction of cryptocurrency prices.



Paul Clevett of UK Bitcoin Blog

Paul Clevett is a U.K.-based computer programmer and Java development team leader. His current work also involves the development of front-end systems using Oracle Glassfish server.


Clevett’s extensive programming experience includes programming for Android and Windows mobile platforms, virtual worlds, and skills like Objective C, ASP.NET, PHP, cloud computing and creating custom protocols for UDP transfer.

Clevett previously developed the SignalTrader forex plugin for MetaTrader 4 (also known as MT4) a well-known Forex trading and analysis platform.


Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

mark-bitcoin-warrior“The inspiration to start Bitcoin Warrior was born out of my frustration with the corruption in the financial and political systems in America,” explains Mark.

That frustration increased after the 2009 financial crisis and the subsequent bail-outs which were funded at taxpayer expense.

Mark doesn’t see Bitcoin as a “panacea” but he does view it as a disruptive technology which will “give back to the people the ability to control their own finances without the need of banks or governments.”



Trent Lapinski of Mystic Labstrent-lapinsi

Trent is a serial entrepreneur whose interests and activities include blockchain technology, distributed networks, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and gaming.

Lapinksi has sold two startups including CyberChimps, Inc, which was picked up by Hummingbird Web Solutions.

He’s currently a partner with ShotVentures, described as an “investor relations and product marketing consulting firm.” And he works with Stratus5, a cloud services automation platform designed to enable you to launch and manage your own SaaS business.

Trent is also the host of CryptoDisrupted which you can find on YouTube, iTunes, and PodBean.

Ashley Knowles of I Am Ashley Knowles

Ashley Knowles is a Brisbane-based senior cloud computing consultant and infrastructure architect.

He has a rich background in DevOps, ashley-knowles-cryptonetworking, and security and identity solutions. Microsoft products like Azure, BizTalk Server, SQL Server and AlwaysOn clustering have been his focus.

A couple of years ago, Ashley dove into cryptocurrencies. “As 2016 and 2017 rolled around, 1,000% growth across many cryptocurrencies gave the early adopters a taste of the riches,” Ashley notes, “And with it, came heaps of opportunities to make money without actually buying Bitcoin.”

Indeed, using affiliate marketing tactics to earn money from crypto, is an area that Ashley’s blog offers helpful tips in.


Questions and Answers from the Crypto Experts

We asked each successful blogger the same six questions.

Explore their answers to get valuable tips on how to make your blog successful, regardless of the topic you’re focused on.

Why did you start blogging?

Antony Lewis, Bits on Blocks

I started blogging to learn more about a subject that I found interesting: bitcoin.  The best way to really learn about something is to explain it to others, simply.

So I made a commitment to explain bitcoins, blockchains, smart contracts, and other technical concepts, and make them accessible to a non-technical audience.

Ashley Knowles, I am Ashley Knowles

I first started blogging when I was working in a support role; the first call of duty when you encounter an issue is to “google” it, and I would regularly find no helpful results for certain issues; I started blogging as a way to provide information to others where I found the answer to an issue that I personally couldn’t easily find answers to.

Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

I kind of started as a hobby and a business. I was hoping to create a side business and make a few extra dollars. I chose Bitcoin to focus on as it was a niche market, and I thought I would sell T-shirts and affiliate goods.

Fortunately, I soon got more interested in the niche than in the business. I’m now a hard-core Bitcoin HODLer and I hope my site introduces more people to the virtues of cryptocurrency.

Paul Clevett, UK Bitcoin Blog

So I really started blogging because I like talking about things I’m interested in.

I didn’t really expect to make any money from it or anything – or even get a whole load of readers.

Aziz Zainuddin, Master The Crypto

The sheer amount of people interested in Cryptocurrencies but find it too complex, therefore after reading my content, it interests them to learn more.

Trent Lapinski, Mystic Labs

I like informing and creating value for others.


What’s your secret to staying motivated & inspired long term?

Aziz Zainuddin, Master The Crypto

Passion. The amount of positive feedback we receive is crazy, and that’s what pushes me.

Paul Clevett,  UK Bitcoin Blog

I think really because I wasn’t actually that interested in whether or not anyone else was reading it.

Antony Lewis, Bits on Blocks

I try to write once a month.  Sometimes I write about new concepts that I want to learn more about (I have a long backlog here!).  Other times I write a shorter response to news or industry developments.

Occasionally a few people ask me about the same topic, so I write it up so all my readers can learn.

Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

I have a day job and a family that keep me very busy.

To be honest, the blog isn’t at all what I think it could be but I give it as much time and attention as I can.

The secret to keep it going is the belief in what it’s for. Bitcoin (or the cryptocurrency that replaces it) is a world-changing tech that is just getting off the ground. Hopefully, it will have a positive effect and make people’s lives better.

Trent Lapinski, Mystic Labs

I enjoy networking and meeting interesting new people. Not sure why I would stop.

Ashley Knowles, I am Ashley Knowles

I go through bursts of activity.

Looking over my posts, I have shared content across a large range of categories, predominantly in the technical space relevant to my day job, and more recently in spaces that interest me (cryptocurrency and career coaching).

My blog posts are generally inspired by the people and communities around me, and I generally target knowledge gaps, to provide my readers with, in my perspective, more valuable information.

A successful blog can extend one’s influence. In the video above, Antony Lewis of Bits and Blocks is interviewed on digital currencies.


successful bloggers cryptocurrency

What one thing do you think had the biggest impact on making your blog a success?

Aziz Zainuddin, Master The Crypto

The sheer amount of people interested in cryptocurrencies but find it too complex, therefore after reading my content, it interests them to learn more.

Antony Lewis, Bits on Blocks

I keep my audience in mind as I write, and I try to keep on topic.

My audience is non-technical people with an interest in learning more about bitcoins and blockchains.

I try to steer clear of industry jargon and acronyms. I don’t post too often, but when I do, I try to make sure there is something of value there.  I don’t post just for its own sake, or because it has been a while since my last post.

Trent Lapinski, Mystic Labs

Patience and persistence.

Paul Clevett,  UK Bitcoin Blog

I think just keep going with it just writing what I felt.

I’ve actually stopped writing news stories that much unless they are sponsored and focused on things that I’m working on.

Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

As these things go, BitcoinWarrior is still a minor player. I get enough of an audience to make me feel I’m having an effect, but I think I fly under the radar of the big hitters.

The two things I have done to build an audience are pretty simple: I try to post things of use and interest to people in the community, and I try to post often.

Ashley Knowles, I am Ashley Knowles

Niches! I have a handful of posts that drive high traffic volume due to the extremely specific issues they deal with.

I try to optimize my content with SEO in mind, but the best content I have published tends to be content that is shared on other websites, especially technical forums, and other blogs.

Master the Crypto offers a free online course to its readers so they can quickly grasp the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading.


What one lesson about blogging do you wish you’d known starting out?

Trent Lapinski, Mystic Labs

Just keep writing.

Aziz Zainuddin, Master The Crypto

To write with brevity; sometimes only a few words are needed to explain something without beating around the bush

Antony Lewis, Bits on Blocks

Blogging is a commitment: try not to overcommit.  It’s better to write posts every now and again than to commit to weekly posts that cause stress if you are behind target.

Ashley Knowles, I am Ashley Knowles

I am terrible at sticking to just one “thing.” My content jumps around all over the place. If I were to start over, I would pick a niche, and stick with it.

Paul Clevett,  UK Bitcoin Blog

I think to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

Well, the name of the site was chosen because I wanted to sell t-shirts. I think I could have chosen half-a-dozen better names for what it’s become, but rebranding seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

I guess the actual biggest thing I wish I had known is that when my server starts crashing all the time, it might not be corrupt files, but may just be too many people trying to get on the site. Took me about a month to figure that out and upgrade to better servers.


 Trent Lapinski is also the host of CryptoDisrupted, a YouTube show and iTunes podcast. Many successful bloggers use more than one media type to reach their audience.


What one piece of advice would you give a new blogger?

Antony Lewis, Bits on Blocks

Have a very clear idea of who your target audience is and what they want from your blog.  Write with them in mind.

People only have 24 hours in a day, and you are competing for attention.  Why should they read your post?

Ashley Knowles, I am Ashley Knowles

If you have a niche, exploit it. There are so many ways to monetize your blog these days, and having a niche topic to talk about regularly makes your blog more attractive to search engines, and builds your reputation on that topic.

This, in turn, can generate some great income if you pursue that path!

Trent Lapinski, Mystic Labs

Don’t take harsh replies or responses personally.

Aziz Zainuddin, Master The Crypto

Keep on writing new content and keep experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

Always gather feedback from your readers.

Mark, Bitcoin Warrior

Start small. Do what makes you happy. Say yes to people, and say no to them too.

And when an opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to be flexible and let the site go in a new direction.

Paul Clevett,  UK Bitcoin Blog

I think firstly don’t take shortcuts — write one or two posts per day for your blog, use some great imagery and try and be different from the rest.

There are loads of Bitcoin news sites for instance, but because I write from personal experience it makes me different and means people can’t that easily copy my work.

getting started with bitcoin
Paul Clevett offers a free guide: “Getting Started with Bitcoin” on his site. What resources might you offer your target audience?


What You Can Learn from These Successful Bloggers

These top bloggers have a few things in common that can be applied to your own blogging venture.

  1. They are blogging about something that they know well. If you’re trying to select a niche for a new blog think about what you know: whether it’s car repair, make-up, or music.
  2. They are serving as a guide for others. Paul Clevett helps readers avoid Bitcoin scams, Aziz Zainuddin provides a free course on cryptocurrencies, and Antony Lewis has his “Gentle Introduction” series and “In a Nutshell” series. How might you help your reader learn something valuable?
  3. They use various tactics to attract readers: For example, Aziz Zainuddin offers a free e-book with a helpful checklist, as well as webinars.
  4. They are tapping into a large market: people are commonly confused by the blockchain and digital currencies. Thanks to extensive media coverage, interest is booming. When narrowing down your niche be sure to consider whether there are plenty of people interested in the topic you’re considering. Does your topic have an overlap with an issue that’s received wide media coverage?
  5. They are skilled at making complicated concepts easy to understand. What creative approaches might you take to make your material easier for your readers to understand?

Final Notes and Resources:

A big thank you to the brilliant bloggers profiled here!

We strongly recommend checking out their websites — as you can learn a lot (both about crypto & blogging) from exploring each site — for investment, a career, or just your own edification.














Know a crypto-blogger who we should feature here? or Have another idea for a blogger interview? Please let us know!


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