32 Resources for Better Online Writing


Writing online is no easy task. Whether you write for clients or for your own business, your job includes coming up with great content ideas, ensuring articles flow well, and avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes that may undermine your content goals. Luckily, there are plenty of tools online that can help you improve your writing […]

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30 Geeky Blogs You Need to Read

geeky blogs to read

If you’re a geek, you likely spend a lot of time on the Internet. Why not make the most of your time with some of the freshest geeky blogs around? The following is my list of the top 30 geeky blogs you need to check out to stay entertained and updated on all things geeky. […]

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How to Cite Online Sources


As a student, professional writer, or even blogger, you probably know all about citing publications and books, but how much do you know about citing online sources? In today’s world, where most of us turn to the Internet to find information, it’s not unusual to find an online source that has a quote or other […]

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How to Get More Readers for Your Blog


In theory, getting more readers sounds simple. Create compelling content and share it on relevant websites. But as you may know, that is easier said than done. Even if you create the perfect blog post, you will have to find someone to read it (besides your mother). Have you ever hit a hole in one […]

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Ultimate Guide to Blog Readability

bloggers guide to readability

A well-written blog can do wonders for your business as well as for your personal brand. It can propel your blog even if your niche isn’t business related. However, a quality post goes beyond just making sure you’ve addressed your audience’s pain points or showing them how to achieve something. If you’ve been blogging for […]

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