The 8 Best Places to Discover New Blogs

Finding blogs you like is great for anyone as a reader, and even more important if you’re a blogger yourself. In order to grow and promote your blog, it’s important to make connections with other bloggers and find ways to help each other out. Forming relationships can help you do things like: Get a larger […]

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What Are The Best Online Polling Widgets & Plugins?

Ever wonder what your visitors are thinking? You probably have guesses, but that’s all they are…guesses. That’s where polls and surveys come in. They allow you to confirm if those guesses are right or not, which help you understand your visitors better. In the long-term, this helps you write better content and make better products […]

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25 Freelance Writing Resources to Get Paid More and Get More Work

Unlike most other professions, you can’t go to school to be a freelance writer. It sort of just happens. Luckily, there are many great resources, mainly made by freelance writers who had to learn the hard way, to help other writers improve. In my 5+ years as a freelance writer, I’ve used just about all […]

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14 Best Apps to Create Visually Stunning Blog Posts

create visual impact

It is no secret that the attention span of your typical reader is getting shorter and shorter. However, content marketing is king, and if one of the methods you use to provide information to users is the humble blog, how do you keep your users’ attention on your post? The short answer: create visual interest. […]

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Make WordPress Faster: 20 Easy Ways – No Code Necessary

How fast does your WordPress website load? That’s an extremely important question, and you should know the answer. At this point, you’re probably aware that Google uses load times as a part of their ranking algorithm. That’s important if you want to get people to visit your website. That being said, load times have a […]

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