Because, a Power Word Because It Says So!

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Last Updated on July 18, 2018

Our next power word is because.  Because is a power word because it tells people why they should do something, and that is the very essence of copywriting.  People viewing a page are already partially interested, but the word because gives them a reason to be interested.  The fact that the word because is a simple word that everyone knows only goes to underscore its place in our brains’ communication centers.  Accessing these root words that are embedded so deeply has its own innate power, but because is also a logical world that operates on higher levels of the brain, and that too has a powerful effect.

Think about it this way: because is probably among the first logic-oriented words we learn as children, but we never stop using it.  We learn at a very young age not to touch dad’s coffee because it is hot, or that we cannot stick our fingers in a door jam because we will get hurt.  We later learn that we lost a job opportunity because we did not groom ourselves as well as the other applicants, or that we had a misunderstanding with our spouse because men and women view the world so differently.  Ultimately, the word because is incredibly powerful because we learned it so long ago and we keep using it; it is connected to so many parts of our brain that it is a power word unto itself.

Because to Build Connections

While some people might think that the word because is innately argumentative or tends to cast a negative light on a subject may not have given enough thought to how to use the word.  Isaac Newton once said that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and Dale Carnegie paraphrased this to mean that people tend to do what they normally do unless given a reason to do something different.  Before people will do something different, they need a reason to change their views.  This is where because comes into play.  Otherwise, viewers stay viewers and buyers/converters buy and convert and move on.

Here are some great examples of how to use because to change views and/or inform in a positive way:

  • You need product ABC because…
  • Will Smith uses ABC because….
  • I like ABC better than XYZ because…
  • If you liked XYZ, then you’ll love ABC because…
  • If your nose won’t stop running, it could be because….

On the Other Side of Because

On the other side of the aforementioned examples, you have to drive home the benefit to the consumer.  In some cases, such as the Will Smith example, the comparison starts impersonal and then hopefully transits over to something more person with the used of the power word you.  This was covered in our last power word article, but the point is clear: combining because and you is a great way to double the effect of both.  The results can be nearly exponential in nature, and there are few power word combinations more effective than because and you.  If you happen to know of a better combination, please feel free to add it to the comments section.


Because to Close Sales

When it comes time to ask for the sale or conversion, be sure to consider using because.  Remember that you want to make the reasons why you are asking for the sale clear to the customer and benefit-oriented.  Here are a few examples:

  • Buy ABC today because you don’t want to live a minute longer with that third arm growing out of your head!
  • Visit your local ABC dealership today and get a sports car because you aren’t getting any younger and those young ladies at the bar sure seem to like guys that can flash their money!
  • Every wonder why you finish last in races?  It’s because you don’t have ABC shoes!

Again, note the combination of you and because.  This is a powerful combination, and I almost feel like I do need a new ABC sports car (my wife would kill me) and even though I lack a third arm growing out of my head, an ounce of prevention…   The point is that the combination of you and because works wonders for closing the deal.

Review Sites You Like

One of the most common suggestions I received from our first power word piece was that I made an inadvertent omission that would actually be very helpful.  You guys were right, and I am sorry.  Slap my hand please.  Now that my punishment is over, take this knowledge and visit sites that you already frequent and try to determine how many of them know and use the power of because.

Your Suggestions

We are always looking for more power words and feedback from our readers, so please feel free to comment in our aptly titled comments section.  Why?  Because (see how it works?) we have the feeling that you have a lot to share, and we want to hear what you have to say.  Not only that, but other readers would like to hear your suggestions too!

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