4.0 – A Thesis Customization

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Last Updated on August 1, 2019 has launched a brand new re-design built by Your’s Truly on Thesis, and packed with a plethora of new features including post summary boxes, custom category and author pages, popular posts with thumbnails, and a brand new homepage layout to highlight the latest featured content.

The Evolution

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s hop in the way back machine for a second and check out the evolution of

Version 1.0

Circa August 2006

Version 2.0

Circa April 2007

Version 3.0

Circa November 2009


Alright, alright…on to the goodies :)

The Homepage

Where do I begin? This homepage is absolutely packed with a ton of features (and some complex code humming along in the background). First of all, there are three featured articles at the top. These represent three of the latest and greatest articles you’ll find on the blog. They have custom excerpt lengths, and they’re filtered from teasers featured in the main column. Oh, and did I mention those titles are overlayed with CSS? That’s right. No clunky plugins here ;)

Secondly, the teaser images are created using the post thumbnail system that is new WordPress 2.9. So are the popular and favorite post thumbnails. Oh, and so are the featured posts. The best part? There’s only one image to upload for each post. WordPress does all of the resizing automatically. The Thesis post image system is great, but this is a whole new dimension. I’m excited to see if Mr. Pearson comes out with something better in Thesis 2.0!

The Sidebars

sidebarThere isn’t quite as much to yell and scream about here, but those favorite and popular post lists are done without plugins. And the styling is extremely flexible. Did I mention that its all done with hooks? No widgets cluttering this database!

Single Posts

This is where the new skin really delivers the goods!

This is where the new skin really delivers the goods! Nick and I spent a ton of time thinking critically about comfortable reading, ease of use, and enabling readers (that would be you!) to consume and share content. From the custom byline to the post summary box to the alerts and notes, everything is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to consume and share content, and to find similar content.

The Archives

categoriesThis is another area where the new skin shines! It comes complete with customized category and author pages. The categories are especially special. Nick does not like the standard WordPress category pages as the permalinks aren’t optimal for SEO and they aren’t easily controlled without relying on a plugin. Since I don’t like that idea, we decided to build new ones from scratch using a custom Thesis template. We redirected the old category pages to the new ones, and filtered child category posts from each category page in order to minimize duplicate content. Each category also has its own separate header with keyword rich content.

The code for these pages is incredibly complex, but the end result is an awesome set of category pages that are certified SEO dynamos…and they don’t hurt navigation either!

The author pages are pretty sweet too. They highlight each author on the blog, and feature links to their social media profiles as well as a list of posts written by that author. Here is a completely random – wink – example.

For The Love Of Navigation

The absolute most important element of any blog – aside from the content of course – is the navigation system. Making it easy for your readers to find the content that is most relevant to them quickly and easily is absolutely key to your success as a blogger. It is essentially the holy grail of blog design.

The new skin features numbered page navigation near the footer which makes it easier to find articles deep within the blog. However, the really great feature here is the breadcrumbs.

These aren’t just any breadcrumbs. They’re done without a plugin and they account for nested categories, nested pages, 404 errors, and search queries. Shoot, we’ve even got pagination covered! In short, every single page – save for the homepage which has featured posts instead – on the blog is accounted for. To my knowledge, this is the most thorough set of breadcrumbs you’ll find on a WordPress blog.

The Inspiration

I’ll admit that I didn’t conjure all of this out of thin air. Therefore, I feel obligated to give credit to the visionary designers that inspired me in some way shape or form.

The post summary boxes were inspired by the writing style of Willie Jackson, and the artistic design of one Kristarella! The box you’ll see on many of the posts here on (including this one) includes links to each of the H3 subheadings in the article to make it easy to find the part of the article you’re looking for.

The sidebars are a creative hybrid inspired by Matt Langford and the man, the myth, the legend himself, Chris Pearson. I love the way Matt floats the headings to the left and Chris’s right margin makes for the best sidebar heading design in the business in my humble opinion.

Finally, the homepage design was inspired by the Hyperion Theme from ThemeForest. The code of that theme is pretty sloppy, and I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole in terms of SEO, but the homepage layout is genius!

Whaddya Think?

I’d love to know what you all think of the new design. A large amount of thought went into it, and there is literally not one single element of the design that Nick and I did not think critically about and go back and forth on. Ultimately, you’re the most important critic, so let us know what you think!

Adam has a decade of experience as a WordPress designer, developer and one of the original contributors to “ArtofBlog” — the forerunner of