Thesis Skin: A Bright Idea

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Last Updated on August 1, 2019 is happy to Release it’s first Thesis Skin: “A Bright Idea”. This skin was originally ported to Thesis for use at Auinteractive’s Blog, however once we saw how great it turned out we just had to release it. After all, “A Bright Idea” is such a great example of what Thesis is capable of.


Goals for A Bright Idea

When we set out to build “A Bright Idea” we wanted to take advantage of all of the options Thesis offered to us. We also wanted something that didn’t look like it was “Thesis” at first glance. Overall, we think the finished product delivers just that.

Under the Hood

The primary driving engine of this theme is of course WordPress and Thesis, but in order to deliver the finished product we utilized quite a few elegant Thesis hooks and filters paired with quite a bit of Custom CSS to create a very sleek blogging theme which gives the content priority. We took time to remove the annoying “jump” that happens after you click read more. ;) That always bugged us, so we included that in the custom functions as well.

Photoshop File Included

Now we like the name “A Bright Idea” a lot, but we assume you call your blog something else. If that is the case your are in luck. Included in the download file is the photoshop file that will allow you to change the “home button.”

Enjoy! “A Bright Idea”

We really hope you enjoy using Thesis and a Bright Idea. If you would like to help us continue to release free skins for Thesis you can do so by leaving in the links to this site. By no means do you have to, but we’d think you where pretty cool if you did ;) Without further ado… Here are links to Get Thesis, Demo “A Bright Idea” and Download the Skin. Enjoy!

Get Thesis Theme for WordPress

Installing Bright Idea for Thesis

Installing this theme is pretty straight forward. Just follow the steps below and if you hit any hangups, let us know in the comments.

Step 1: Buy and Download Thesis Theme for WordPress. You will want at least version 1.6 as this is the latest. This skin won’t work without it.

Step 2: Download the Thesis Settings Export Plugin and get it installed.

Step 3: Download the file and extract the “custom” folder onto your server. All of the files within this folder should be moved to folder.

Step 4: Within the file you will also find a folder called “settings.” Within this folder are export files. Simply go to your “Thesis Import/Export” link under appearance and upload each of the files.

Step 5: Edit the Included .psd file in photoshop to include your site name. Save as home.png. Upload to

Made Possible By:

  • Thanks to the wonderful Thesis Settings Export Plugin by 3 Dog Media which makes installing this theme a breeze.
  • Thanks to Markus Urban for creating a slick original design to work with.
  • Thanks to DIYThemes for Creating Thesis.
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